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Property Genie

Brand Identity & Stationery

The Project

Pink we think, must stand out … with a genie …

Print Design Team were asked to create a new brand identity for a start-up estate agent to represent their internal, promotional and also online branding.

Specific criteria’s: Pink we think, must stand out … with a genie …

PDT were then left to let our designer, ‘Dave’ let his creative juices flow freely,  add our ideas, and propose possible concepts to the client.

This was a digital-creative blank canvas (apart from the must-have Genie-in-a-logo request) – the client was open to us thinking outside the box, and presenting our ideas about how we could bring to life the branding of their new venture (which we love to do, TRY AND HOLD US BACK in fact!!).

What we did

We say

These guys were fun!! The concept was playful and the final design definitely stands out in a pretty concentrated market place.

They had 3 wishes, we granted them all in one logo…

Did you see what we did there… 🙂  

Our solution

We took care of the following

& Corporate Identity

Thinking about a new logo, looking to refresh your visual identity or need someone to act as a brand guardian? Then you’ve come to the right place, as our designers will take time to consider your target audience and corporate values, and help keep your brand on the straight-and-narrow.

& Brochures.

In-store signage and external graphics can be excellent ways to attract new customers. Our designers understand that when it comes to signage, size really does matter, as does colour, contrast, typeface and logos - so they’ll take time to get all these aspects right before sending across your first proof.


Our design team will help you make your promotional merchandise your own. They can design artwork to add a logo, strapline, event name or other marketing message onto any promotional merchandise.

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